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BVG Strengths

BVG Pariwar: Where every employee is a family member

From 8 members in 1997 to a current strength of 60,000+ members and marching steadily towards 100,000

  • A hard working, strong & committed work force
  • Experienced & visionary management
  • Trained & multi-skilled staff
  • Blended culture & mixed workforce that works all 24 X 7 X 52 weeks
  • Excellent rapport with authorities
  • Offers end to end solutions to clients


Tie-ups and Alliances

  • Relationship with Brand Capital, a Times Group Company as potential media partner for brand building
  • Strong supply chain in association with Muller & Phipps (India’s oldest FMCG distribution company)
  • Backward integration for manufacturing of food products at Satara Mega Food Park
  • Association with Sri Sri Ayurveda Trust for marketing of health care products


Reach and Capabilities

  • Total Sales Team size across the country: 90+
  • Daily reach to 5,000+ hospitals / doctors through Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services Project
  • Access to temples that witness the highest footfalls at Shirdi and Tirupati


Strong Network and Backward integration

  • Palm Oil Refineries at Wai&Raigad in Maharashtra – Palm Oil is used as a source of nutrition by people below the poverty line
  • Backward integration for Sorghum based flour
  • Company owned Sugar manufacturing facility in Maharashtra
  • Linkages with manufacturers of food products, beverages and dairy products
  • Strong network in Satara for production, collection and processing of milk and other dairy products


Ability to reach the bottom of the pyramid

  • Operations at 700+ sites across India, all locations have employees with proven sales, operational and marketing capabilities
  • Daily reach to 5,000+ hospitals / doctors through Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services Project
  • 34,000+ youth being trained by BVG under various training schemes of Government of India
  • 45,000+ employees and their 1,00,000+ family members across the country
  • 400+ clients and and thousands of well-wishers of the organization