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Mr Hanmantrao Gaikwad

Chairman and Managing Director, BVG Group

Soon after he came across the teachings of the great thinker Swami Vivekananda and one thought gave a new direction to Hanmantrao’s life.


The first logo of Bharat VikasPratisthan, designed by MrHanmantraoGaikwad, with the thought that India should shine across the world, and I should contribute to India’s Progress by contributing like small lamp!


‘Take up one idea, make that idea your life, think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. This is the way to success.’ Swami Vivekananda had said.


In 1991, HanmantraoGaikwad a 19-year old student from a small village near Rahimatpur, in Satara, with his family migrated to Pune for his studies and livelihood.

Having lost his ailing father to illness a year ago, Hanmantrao’s financial struggles had only started to worsen. Unable to afford even the one rupee for a bus ticket, he would cycle 42 kms every day to college. While studying, Hanmantrao took up odd jobs like painting, cleaning and even taking tuition classes to fund his own education.


Seemingly simple, the thought had an unfathomable depth as the teenager Hanmantrao sensed. The search of an idea to live on led him to the idea of Bharat Vikas (India’s Progress). But the idea was too vast, how could he work on it, he thought to himself. But as they say, no army can stop an idea whose time has come, and now it was time for the idea of Bharat Vikas.


Hanmantraogave this idea a thought for about 2 years and set up a non-profit Bharat VikasPratishthan to utilize donations to fund education of poor & needy students.


His career began in the design department of Telco (now Tata Motors) as a graduate trainee engineer in 1995 and BVP now started to help rural youth to get jobs. His entrepreneurial nature led him to bring in Rs 2 crore worth of value to the company by salvaging cables otherwise lying as scrap. This earned him recognition in Tata Motors and it was destiny of thousands of rural youth that led Hanmantrao to establish an in-house outsourced housekeeping outfit under BVP within Telco in 1997 with just eight people


Mr Umesh Mane, a dear friend of MrHanmantraoGaikwad quit his job as a bank manager to take up the responsibility of operations, while MrGaikwad took up overall growth responsibility along with his job at Tata Motors. With a clear focus on quality of work and ‘Yes, we can’ approach to work, and a dedicated team got him references and BVG grew from 8 people to a 300-people strong organisation by year 2000. This brought in additional responsibility and MrGaikwad quit Tata Motors to form BVG as a full fledged integrated services organization.


As Chairman and Managing Director of BVG India Limited, his vision and never say no attitude paves the way for BVG’s vision, unmatched quality and 100% customer satisfaction for the past 16 years.