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BVG Clean Energy Ltd.

BVG Clean Energy Ltd

BVG Clean Energy Ltd is primarily focused on building clean energy projects across the world, including Solar Parks, Wind Parks, Solar Pumps, and LED Lighting projects. Each of these offerings is contributing to sustainable development by constructing and commissioning medium to large-scale clean energy projects across the world.

The company has deep expertise in development, installation projects to harvest solar energy, wind energy, geo-thermal energy, as well as conversion of waste to energy. Each of our offerings help in sustainable development by providing green energy solutions to the public and private sector.

BVG Clean Energy Ltd is a group company of BVG Group is India’s Largest Socio-Commercial Organization providing livelihood to around 65000 people.

BVG fulfills most of the the total project with in-house capabilities. BVG can deliver accelerated capabilities in Solar, most of the activities compliments existing business lines of works like
    1. Electrical
    2. Civil works
    3. Structures
    4. Comprehensive O&M

    • BVG Clean Energy has also developed a solar controller for solar power pumps.


  • Starts at 9am
  • Gives 40% more water per day for 900W per HP.
  • Works in cloudy days also. Start at very low radiation
  • Farmers/User friendly, LED, LCD Display
  • Compatible with existing pumps
  • Designed for Outdoor applications.


  • Start at 10:30am
  • Less water per day even for 1000W per HP
  • Needs Higher radiation
  • Optional
  • Not compatible

EE Lighting Applications – LED’s

Energy is Precious and is also becoming scarce in India due to ever-rising demands. Deficit between Supply and demand of Energy is a major cause of concern which has direct impact on India’s GDP.

Within the various segments of EE, our first priority is EE in Lighting applications involving latest technology LEDs – for Indoor & Outdoor lighting applications.

Advantages of LED Lighting

  • Very long life (in excess of 50000 hours)
  • LEDs save between 40-80% Energy as compared to conventional light sources
  • Ecologically friendly – Free of toxic chemicals
  • Durable quality
  • Zero UV emissions
  • Design flexibility
  • Operational in Extremely Cold or Hot Temperatures
  • LEDs avoid Light pollution as LED luminaires are unidirectional
  • Instant Lighting and Frequent Switching
  • Low-voltage operation

USP of our LED Products

  • Products and solutions with a Value-added Differences: Security & Surveillance in Street Lights, Occupancy sensors in Indoor lights, Programmable dimming options for added energy savings
  • Comprehensive turnkey solutions for every Lighting need
  • Highest Efficacy products among reputed international brands (More light output per input power or Watts consumed) resulting in:
  • Highest Energy saving, Lowest money spend per Lumen / Lux
  • Increased operating life features to suit Indian power conditions
  • Custom wattages of LED luminaires to optimize savings
  • Globally accepted specifications & certifications
  • Fast Products upgradation / augmentation to keep pace with LED-chip developments
  • Turnkey Project financing options – PPP / ESCO / Annuity models