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BVG Energy Efficiency Pvt. Ltd.

EE Lighting Applications – LED’s

Energy is Precious and is also becoming scarce in India due to ever-rising demands. Deficit between Supply and demand of Energy is a major cause of concern which has direct impact on India’s GDP.


Within the various segments of EE, our first priority is EE in Lighting applications involving latest technology LEDs – for Indoor & Outdoor lighting applications.


Advantages of LED Lighting


  • Very long life (in excess of 50000 hours)
  • LEDs save between 40-80% Energy as compared to conventional light sources
  • Ecologically friendly – Free of toxic chemicals
  • Durable quality
  • Zero UV emissions
  • Design flexibility
  • Operational in Extremely Cold or Hot Temperatures
  • LEDs avoid Light pollution as LED luminaires are unidirectional
  • Instant Lighting and Frequent Switching
  • Low-voltage operation


USP of our LED Products

  • Products and solutions with a Value-added Differences: Security & Surveillance in Street Lights, Occupancy sensors in Indoor lights, Programmable dimming options for added energy savings
  • Comprehensive turnkey solutions for every Lighting need
  • Highest Efficacy products among reputed international brands (More light output per input power or Watts consumed) resulting in:
  • Highest Energy saving, Lowest money spend per Lumen / Lux
  • Increased operating life features to suit Indian power conditions
  • Custom wattages of LED luminaires to optimize savings
  • Globally accepted specifications & certifications
  • Fast Products upgradation / augmentation to keep pace with LED-chip developments
  • Turnkey Project financing options – PPP / ESCO / Annuity models