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Live Stock and Crop Registry of India

Agriculture is the principal source of livelihood for more than 58% of the population of this country. Hence, it is essential to focus on innovations in agricultural technology for the development of this sector. With focus on introducing modern scientific methods in a major way to improve agriculture & Livestock, the Livestock & Crop Registry India ltd (LCRI) launched the Livestock & crop registration program.

Total Animal in the Country,


As Per 2012 Census
  • Cattles – 191 million
  • Buffalos – 111 million
In Maharashtra
  • Cattles – 15,482,314 15.4 million
  • Buffalos –5.6 million


Need for Crop Registration


  • Crop registration system is developed by LCRI for timely Crop management in the agro driven economy of India.
  • Plain & Simple, properly registered crop per acre will help to manage agriculture system from multiple farms located at different geographical location. Due to lack of registration system its difficult to track land under cultivation for particular crop, average crop yield of country & it’s difficult to predict probable market value of crop.
  • Crop per acre which is cultivated by a farmer, will be           registered at LCRI by keeping track of cultivated crop till its harvesting & data of the same will be recorded at LCRI Data Centre


What is LCRI?


  • Livestock & Crop Registry India Ltd is registered under company act 2013 which will carryout registration system for cattle, buffalo & Crop for benefits of Farmer, Bankers, Insurance Co. &Nation.
  • LCRI will analysis & maintain all the data regarding DNA, Milk production, Animal ownership, financing Co, Insurance Co, Purchase price, vaccination & other animal records.
  • LCRI will analyze & maintain all data regarding crop plantation area, type of crop etc.
  • LCRI will provide these records to participations as and when required for betterment of this field.


Key indicators during the animal cycle
How LCRI will do this Task?
  • India being a large nation, trained manpower & data collection team required through out nation.
  • For this LCRI has tied up with BVG India Ltd which is on of largest service provider in 22 states of India. (60,000 workers at presently work with BVG)
  • For Tag supply LCRI done tie-up with Alflex France &CaiselyGermany which are world largest tissue sampling tag producer companies.
  • For Analysis of DNA LCRI done tie-up with Thermo- Fisher & My lab. Testing Lab already set up at BVG India Ltd. Thermo Fisher is a largest lab Machinery Supplier & lab network Provider in the world.
  • LCRI has tied up with various banks& insurance companies such as Bajaj Allianz, United insurance, New India Assurance etc.