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BVG (Bharat Vikas Group)

India’s Largest Integrated Services Group

From just 8 employees in 1997 to 65,000+ plus employees today, BVG is India’s largest integrated services group with activities in facility management services, emergency response services, cleantech, clean energy, food-park, animal & plant nutrition, solar park, and lifesciences.


We serve 750+ government & private clients including like Supreme Court of India, RashtrapatiBhawan, Parliament House, Prime Minister’s Office & Residence, Railways, NPCIL, Adani, HP, ONGC, Reliance, Tata Motors, Volkswagen, Bajaj Auto, Ashok Leyland, many state governments, many municipal corporations and private entities.


Humanity Ahead is our mission and all our activities focus on progress of humanity across the world.


BVG India Ltd

BVG India Ltd is our flagship company and provides the entire bouquet of facility management services under the principle of ‘Your Non-Core Work Is Our Core Work’. We provide the following services, with track record of quality, and speed in services.

Total Facility Management:

Civil engineering projects, including plant relocation. We helped relocate manufacturing plants of Fiat from Kurla, Mumbai to Ranjangaon and the Nano factory of Tata Motors from Singur to Sanand.

Power substation and distribution projects: We have implemented a large rural power distribution project for Maharashtra government.

Municipal waste management projects: We serve many municipal corporations in India.

Wastewater management and treatment services.


Emergency Response Service: (Division of BVG India Ltd)

We implemented and now manage Dial-108 toll free for Maharashtra government, which is the world’s largest emergency medical response service. 937 ambulances each with a doctor are available on call 24 x 7 x 365 to help people in medical emergencies. We served over 7 lakh people in medical emergency, including 7000+ childbirths in ambulances, over two years.


We just implemented and now manage Dial-100 toll free for Madhya Pradesh government, which is the world’s largest civil emergency police response service. 1000 evidence-gathering vehicles each with a policeman are available on call 24 x 7 x 365 to help people in civil emergencies.

We are capable of setting up and running such and similar services in any country.


BVG Life Sciences Ltd: 

We partner with innovators world over to popularise innovations that help maintain and improve health of humans, plants and animals.

We are partners with National Innovation Foundation, an autonomous body of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, to popularise Indian innovations. Our first product Yuvaan Tea is launched in the market, in anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant, anti-hypertension, anti-aging, and anti-obesity variants.

We are partners with DSM, the $20 billion world’s largest neutraceutical company for fortification of milk, wheat, and other food products with vitamins.

We have partnered with Eurial, France to commercialise goat milk in India and emerging economies.

BVG  Agro-Safe: Our nano-technology, zero-residue product is one-stop remedy on and protection against any bacteria, fungi, pests, etc on all plants.

BVG Agrow-Magic: Our nano-technology, zero-residue product provides nourishment and increases yield of all food crops.

We are constantly on the lookout for scalable, durable and affordable technologies that will benefit the human race.


BVG Clean Technologies Ltd:

We derive fuel from any waste plastic, CNG from biomass waste, and briquette from biomass.


BVG Clean Energy Ltd:

We set up a solar park. We have developed the most efficient solar controllers that activate solar pumps at lowest sunlight, over one-and-a-half hour before other pumps in the market.

We also provide distribution automation, energy efficiency solutions to power utilities.


BVG Energy Efficiency Pvt. Ltd:

We have developed the world’s most efficient LED lights that are proven to provide 30% more output over others in the market.


Satara Food Park Pvt Ltd:

We are developing a govt-approved integrated foodpark to help farmers value add their produce and generate more income.